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We began our company in the summer of 2012 with a simple, yet profound idea. Now is your moment! What we mean by this is that we all have lived life and most of us either live with memories or ideas of where life will go in the future. We never enjoy the moment we are in. We seem to never be 100% present in that moment.  We realized that in order to affect the outcome of our lives in the future we need to focus on NOW. Whether that be with regard to what we eat, what we do or what we give to the world, or, for that matter what we take away, it all happens in the NOW.

We at U-Be-Livin-Smart are naïve in the sense that we want to impact the world in a more positive way then we have in the past. We start the journey with healthy, nutrient dense food because we know that without a healthy food intake, our bodies won’t cope well with the toils of life. Over the coming years, we will introduce many significant programs and products that we believe will make a difference not only to those who will enjoy our products but also to those who are unable to. We want to build a community of people who live with the idea that life is a journey and now is the moment we can impact the world. Plans are just plans, but positive action creates meaning, positive change and evolution!

With over 75 years of combined Food Industry experience in big and small food companies, we have had the opportunities to be successful as well as failing in the food industry. With this experience comes both humility and confidence in what we know we can do to help the world and build a food company like no other. Only with our consumer’s passion and help will we build this company. We thank them now and will continue to thank them as long as we are alive as they are the ones who will ultimately guide us on our journey and will collaborate on where we will go.

We are Sherri-Ann Harrison, Paul Do and Tim Sinclair. We are a combined age of 137 years. We collectively have 8 Children between us from the ages of 9 up to 16. We care deeply about building a company that will serve the World for a long time.

If you are a consumer of our products, thank you sincerely. If you have not tried our products we hope you will someday and thank you for taking the time to read and explore our Website.

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Sherri-Ann Harrison

Paul Do

Tim Sinclair