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We really want to change the World and we need your help to do it!Feed88m

Our Goal is to Feed 88 Million undernourished, underprivileged people over the next 10 years.  With every purchase, we will feed one person in your community with our Nutrient Dense Products. 

Buy One, Feed One!

There’s a lot of magic in that great tasting little muffin and we’d like to tell you about it. We call it Nutrient Dense. Deliciously Smart Food. Each “Karma”ffin contains nine grams of protein, one whole serving of fruits and vegetables, four to five grams of fiber and only 130 to 140 calories.  What’s not in there is flour, oil, salt, yeast, additives, nuts, gluten or preservatives.

Our Muffins will be followed closely by other great Nutrient Dense, Deliciously Smart Foods over the coming months and years that will add to our ability to deliver our lofty goal!

So can Nutrient Dense, Deliciously Smart Products really change the world?

We believe the answer is yes and we are seeing it happen.

To date we have fed over 60,000 children and adults who are undernourished and underprivileged.

That’s how we roll…

How does our Feed88M program work?

We want to build a Brand that provides nutrient dense, deliciously smart products that also allows consumers to impact their community positively with every purchase.

The Feed 88 Million program, is baked into our business model, and is as important as profit. For every package of our product bought in a community, U-Be-Livin-Smart will feed one needy individual at a local food bank so consumers really can impact their own communities when they make their food brand choices.

The program is now underway in Dallas, Buffalo, Toronto, Vancouver with more cities joining monthly.

Way more than just “corporate” values, this is part of our business model and is as important as being profitable for us. Why? Because there is record hunger and lack of good nutrition in North America and a long time ago we were among those who needed nutrition and didn’t have it. We got lucky. These people may not.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and we would love your help in paying it forward.

 If you would like to help us with our goal, want to get involved or have any questions; please don’t hesitate to email us at support@ubelivinsmart.com