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Nutrient Dense Vitamins


Close your eyes and see colour, look and find a rainbow, a painters colour palate, a tropical bird, and look... there... as bright as the sun all the colours come to life in Protein, Fruits, Vegetables, and Fibre. In short, the natural stuff that makes life happen and that has been around for thousands of years! Karmaffins™ Best of All Nutrient Dense Muffins™ made with Protein, Fruits, Vegetables, and Fibre; Sweet Potato, Avocado, Blueberries, Blackberries, Cranberries, Pomegranate, Raspberries, Orange, Mango, Banana, and Apple. Colourful food is a guarantee of nutrition as it was meant to be, from the earth. Add some muscle to those Fruits and Vegetables with isolated whey protein, a complete protein isolated to deliver >90% of its weight in pure protein. Real Natural Nutrient Dense.™


Nutrient Dense Foods

What did you have for breakfast? Did you skip it? Like many of us you probably did. We all know that nutrition should start the minute you wake up but it rarely does. Your body has exhausted all power during the night fighting off all the free radicals you created the day before. Time to rejuvenate and fill up on nutrient dense foods - protein, fruits, vegetables and quality fats, and don’t forget your water! Your body is a magical machine that requires Real and Natural Nutrient Dense™ food choices. We at U-Be-Livin-Smart have children and want to eat healthier in our lives and that's why we started the Company.

Lifestyle is a Choice

What makes you feel complete? Body, Mind and Spirit? Balance? We all hear what experts say and yet we all struggle with how to have that "perfect" balance. Lifestyle is how you feel when you open your eyes in the morning; did you smile, do you feel good in every muscle and bone, when your feet hit the floor are you thankful for someone or something in your life? We at U-Be-Livin-Smart strive and struggle with a balanced lifestyle and that's why we started the Company.

General Health Multi-Vitamin

Our General Health Vitamins are packed with 16 essential Vitamins and 11 Minerals. Plus it is the only General Health Vitamin that contains CoQ10 which helps fight heart disease.

Immune Health w/ Vitamin D

Our Immune Health Vitamins contain a unique combination of antioxidants including "Seabuckthorn" which is one of the highest antioxidant berries known to man. It also includes Vitamin D which aids the immune system and Zinc which is effective in healing skin wounds or damaged tissue.

Kid's Health Multi-Vitamin

Given the reality of finicky eaters and time-crunched parents it's not easy to be sure our kids are getting all the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. Our Kids Health Vitamins provide all the essential nutrients to help kids perform at their best.

Bone Health Calcium-Magnesium

Our Bone Health Vitamins are the highest potency Calcium Chew on the market. In addition to Calcium, they include Magnesium and Vitamin D to support bone health and aid in superior absorption.